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1. Create a study

See it in action

Upload your design variations and mark the areas you intend people to see. Add survey for qualitative data.

2. Get the testers

Hire the respondents via research panel or distribute the link to your study through social media channels.

3. See the results in 1 hour

Get the eye-tracking-class research done in an hour. See which design variation does the best use of users’ attention.

Pretest design variations and narrow the number of unknowns

A/B and Multivariate tests can take a number of weeks to generate a statistically robust answer. Split-test your designs beforehand and choose the one with best attention efficiency to make the best use of your valuable traffic.

Drive attention to the elements that convert

Increase your site’s conversion by minimizing the visual clutter and designing an offering which is seen & remembered at first glance.

Be a smarter Conversion Optimization Specialist

Combine the powerful tests on user attention processing with classic surveys to see and understand your impact on user behavior.

The first Eye Tracking alternative that actually works

I'm using @Attensee now. Very happy w/ the tool & their support. #usability

Attensee is the next generation in heat mapping and attention analysis. You get real results, from real people… in real time.

Testing out @Attensee - already seeing some useful insights on a small in-house test :)